User-manual of ThatsGAME



Accessing ThatGAME is as simple as typing in the URL (of if you see a QR code, by scanning it) into your mobile phones web browser. ThatGAME will appear instantly.

Getting ThatsGAME on your phone is just as easy. Using your mobile browser menu option at the top left, will allow you to select “Add to Home screen” option.

A ThatsGAME icon will appear on your mobile home screen.

Accessing the web application is then as easy as selecting it, and you are there.


Once you are on the ThatsGAME mobile application/site, you will be presented with some more information. Scrolling down will allow you to see a message we have for you from one of our pro payers, as well as listen to some coaching insights. All this will be available one you have access to ThatsGAME.

Scrolling down all the way will allow you to register.

NOTE: Please read the EULA before signing up. We accept that once you have signed up, you have read and understood the rules we set forward for the use of ThatsGAME. These rules are there to keep you safe!

There are two choices. Either you can create a user on ThatsGAME from scratch by supplying the required information:

Or by using a Social Network that already authenticated you. The choices are Facebook, Twitter or Google.

Watching videos

As you scroll down to see other videos, the current playing video will stay visible. This is so you can still keep an eye on the action, while you comment, or find the next video to watch.

Finding videos is as easy as (a) using the search function in the bar at the top, or selecting a category you want to watch:

What you can do

By using the menu option on the left, you have options you can explore. Here you can manage your videos, look at the comments you have received, and, most importantly, update your personal information under “My Account

Remember, when you upload and record a video, you will have the option to give a good title, description, and select a category so others can find your work easier.

Your profile and information

Remember to tell us something ABOUT yourself!

Contributing videos

You will only be able to add videos, if you are logged in. Use the right hand menu, and find the “VIDEO” option to start the process.

The contribution Video Form will open, allowing you to upload, or on mobile, stream directly to ThatsGAME.

By selecting the BROWSE option here, your mobile phone will present you some options:

Select the VIDEO option, and allow access to your microphone and camera to start recording directly to ThatsGAME.

If you have prerecorded a video, feel free to use the FILES option, and select the video from your gallery. It will be uploaded.

Secondly, please don’t neglect to give some more information on the video you are contributing to ThatsGAME:

Give it a good title, a description if you so please, and please remember to select a category you want your video to appear under. All this will help a pro to find your video easier.